Irene Skylakaki Unveils New Single ‘Sutherland Avenue’

London-based, Greek singer and songwriter Irene Skylakaki has just unveiled her brand new single Sutherland Avenue, a hauntingly ethereal alt-folk song taken from her upcoming album, Souvenir, set to arrive on November 20th!
I am a fan of Irene's smooth, soothing vocals and ethereal harmonies that instantly infuse the song with a dreamy touch that is quite captivating. I am really enjoying how Sutherland Avenue sees her adopt a light and spacious approach, creating a sonic atmosphere that’s both abstract, minimalistic and achingly beautiful.

I am also very fond of the drum beats and emotive piano chords that make the song stand out even more from others. Sutherland Avenue is a dreamy piece of music with ethereal-like harmonies and an overall laid-back atmosphere perfect for an introspective day home alone. Check out this dreamy song below!

Speaking about the song, Irene Skylakaki said,

I would prefer it if anyone who listens to ‘Sutherland Avenue’ connects with it through their own experiences. The lyrics to the song are quite self-explanatory and raw and after various tries, I insisted on keeping them as they are unsophisticated and honest.