Hiatus Shares New Single ‘Arrival’

Hiatus, the moniker of London-based British-Iranian electronic music producer Cyrus Shahrad, has just shared his brand new single Arrival, a hauntingly beautiful piece of Deep House that shares a message of hope.

The lead single of his upcoming album Distancer, set to arrive in March 2021, Arrival is a captivating piece of Deep House music packed with subtle pulsing beats, detailed production and delicate piano.
The track also features a spoken rendition of a poem called ‘The Guest House’ by the 13th century Persian poet Rumi, words that Cyrus says lend the track a powerful message of hope.

Speaking about the poem, Hiatus said,

For me, the poem is about how as humans we are subject to thoughts and feelings that seem beyond our control, the result of animal instincts that connect us to the origins of life on Earth. I find myself bombarded with complex thoughts about my relationship with others and the world around me, many of them judgemental and negative in nature, all of which have their roots in a handful of behaviours that throughout evolution have ensured our survival – paranoia, pride, anger, ambition. But the poem suggests that there is a world outside of the stories of our lives, and though we can never be entirely free of the behaviours that define us as humans, we can connect with something much larger, and find liberation through recognising that it is us, and we are it.

To accompany the release, Hiatus shared a stirring video which features live action footage shot by Owen Tozer in Tokyo, London and Kathmandu, alongside cosmic animations created by AI artist Nathan Shipley. Check it out below!


Speaking about the video, AI artist Nathan Shipley said,

The visuals are created using a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN), an algorithm designed to learn and generate patterns. We trained the GAN using images of cells taken through a microscope and also star formations taken through a telescope. This enables the GAN to dream an infinite landscape of new cells and star formations and also morph between the two. This ties back to the message of the poem: showing a connection between our elemental selves and the larger universe, which seems so alien and outside of us, yet which is made of exactly the same stuff, and came from exactly the same place.