Four Nights Shares New Single ‘Want You Always’

Dublin-based Four Nights, the new project of Tanjier lead singer Tommy Buckley, has just shared his brand new single Want You Always, an energtic single inspired by 80s radio pop.

I am really enjoying his smooth vocals and how they soar beautifully over the retro-tinged electro-pop production. Want You Always is a song about the feelings one has when truly in love for the very first time, wanting to give all of you to that special person. This message is wrapped around an infectious production packed with cool 80's pop rhythms, lush synths and an overall feel-good atmosphere. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Four Nights said,

Lyrically it is an unambiguous insight into my first experience of real love; 'that feeling of wanting to give yourself completely to someone else. It's an amazing feeling but can sometimes lead to quick, and possibly stupid decisions.