Eve Adams Shares New Single ‘You’re Not Wrong’

Independent jazz folk singer and songwriter Eve Adams has just unveiled her brand new single You're Not Wrong, a lovely song taken from her upcoming album.

I usually don't listen to a lot of jazz but this song really won me over thanks to her gorgeous vocals and lovely storytelling. You're Not Wrong is a wistful ballad about the beauty that exists in the raw emotion of sorrow. I am loving how her delicate, emotionally-tinged vocals soar beautifully over the warm production packed with cool guitar strums, and a gorgeous saxophone trailing in the soundscape to sweeping violins. Have a listen to this smooth jazz cut below!

Speaking about the song, Eve Adams said,

'You’re Not Wrong' was written as an anthem of surrender. During a dark night of my soul, I was yearning for these kinds of messages, listening over and over to the heartbroken torch songs of the 1930’s, full of their grand symbolism and unapologetic melancholy, and finding levity and comfort in the soundtrack of the Wizard of Oz. From that place I began writing. What started as a simple message from Dorothy to the Scarecrow has expanded over time into a more universal statement. To me, 'You’re Not Wrong' is a reminder to look to the sky, to nature, for guidance and to surrender to the Universe when you need to.