Danai Nielsen Shares New Single ‘Lion Zion’

Greek solo dream-pop, synth-based composer and singer Danai Nielsen has just shared her brand new single Lion Zion, a captivating piano ballad that shares a positive message of inner growth and peace.

I am really enjoying the tone of her vocals with a sligh rasp that enhances the emotion pouring from her vocals. I am a sucker for piano-based songs and this one is right up my alley, getting me hooked right after the very first listen. The whole production is quite warm and intimate, allowing for her message to soar effortlessly. Lion Zion feels like a warm embrace thanks to its comforting melodies and lush piano chords intertwined with intricate acoustic guitar riffs.

To accompany the release, Danai Nielsen has shared a gorgeous music video, directed by Aigli Drakou, which you can check out below!

Speaking about the song, Danai Nielsen said,

Lion Zion was released during Quarantine (Season 2). It’s been written and recorded with the best intentions for inner growth and peace. A lullaby for adults, a piano ballad, a call for digging deeper inside, exploring our Jungle and finding our Lion. The Jungle for me is a place of wild, unexplored growth and evolution. Is neither harmless nor soft. Our fears and insecurities are growing wild in there and if we are brave enough to face them, we will discover our strengths and powers. Lets discover our inner child, our higher true self, and share self love and nurturing. This period is challenging for all, none has been through it before. So we all have something in common. Let’s be brave and discover what’s hidden in those jungles of ours.