Christian Cohle Shares New Single ‘Drown Me Slow’

Irish singer, songwriter and producer Christian Cohle has just shared his brand new single Drown Me Slow, a captivating piece of electro-pop music about the unwillingness to let go of something, even after it has long left you. 

Christian Cohle beautifully captures the feeling of being fixed on it and stare at it often as one can do with a distant star. The longing for it becomes more special than the reality of it itself, because perhaps it’s not even there anymore. 

This relatable message is wrapped around a stunning production with cinematic, rich soundscapes full of electro heartbeat-like arpeggios all layering and moving under Cohle's immensely powerful and passionate vocal delivery. I am really enjoying the captivating electronics and overall expansive and atmospheric vibe of the song that makes it quite an enthralling listening experience. Check it out below!

Early next year will come Cohle's debut album Holy Trouble, where Cohle will continue to cement himself as one of the most exciting electronic artists to land into music this year.