Chloe Amelia Shares New Single ‘Ruin Your Life’

UK-based singer and songwriter Chloe Amelia has just shared her brand new single Ruin Your Life, a catchy piece of alt-pop/R&B that beautifully showcases her signature gritty, soulful attitude. 

I am loving her gorgeous, attitude-packed soulfful vocals which instantly draw the listener's attention to her relatable storytelling about chasing all the wrong qualities in a person because you know it will get you that adrenaline rush that comes with doing something you know you shouldn't be doing. 

This message is wrapped around an infectious Contemporary Pop/R&B production packed with edgy synths, dynamic beats and melodic hooks that create an overall powerful soundscape. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Chloe Amelia said,

I'll only love you at your worst, love it when you never put me first" sums up the main theme of the song, reckless decisions just to get the high.