CHEL Shares ‘Nasty Woman’ Music Video

Powerhouse singer/songwriter and body positive model, Chel,  has just premiered the official music video for her latest single Nasty Woman, an anthem for every woman who has been made to feel inferior.

I love Chel's powerful vocals and how they soar effortlessly over the infectious soul-tinged electro-pop production. Nasty Woman musically expresses both the resilience and the exhaustion of women who are endlessly fighting for equality. Chel wrote the song for her grandma; a woman who taught her what it means to be a strong, centered woman.

To accompany the release, Chel has shared a captivating music video which you can check out below!


Speaking about the video, Chel said,

Conceptually, I wanted the video to represent several things. I start it off dressed as a young girl at a dinner table with a shadow of a person trying to push and pull her into Lady-like positions. I wanted this to represent society’s expectations for women as we grow from young girls, into adults. A big part of the music video is featuring other women and men in support of women saying why they are nasty. I wanted that nasty to symbolize strength. I also wanted the performance scene to be in protest to show that we are not backing down from this fight until we are equal. I wanted this video to not be about me, but about the movement and I tried to do that in the most moving way.