Binoy Shares New Single ‘Cruel Intentions’

LA-based Kenyan pop artist Binoy has just shared his brand new single Cruel Intentions, an infectiously haunting pop ballad.

I am really enjoying his smooth vocals and how they soar over the polished production that has a cool retro vibe mostly thanks to the driving beat and throbbing dreamlike synths. I am also enjoying the guitar riffs and how his breathy vocal performance makes the song stand out even more. Cruel Intentions is a song heavily influenced by a road trip he undertook last year, following the journey of the passengers. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Binoy said, 

In many ways the car represents life before the road trip, which itself led to the emotions and experiences that inspired High Spirits. Each verse sees the car stray further and further from the road, with its passengers eventually diving head-first into unfamiliarity by stepping out into the cold dark night.