Billy Lockett Shares New Single ‘Wasting Time’

British singer and songwriter Billy Lockett has just shared his brand new single Wasting Time, a bold pop ballad.

I am loving his heartfelt and passionate vocal delivery which is both powerful and vulnerable at the same time, pouring so much raw emotion that is impossible not to feel each and every single word he sings. Wasting Time is a song that explores explores the feelings and helpless moments just after a painful relationship split.

I am particularly fond of the emotive piano chords that instantly create a warm and intimate atmosphere that allows for the listener to easily connect with his lovely vocals and heartfelt lyrics. I am also enjoying how the classical piano melodies are joined by lush string arrangements, bolstering the myriad of emotions which Billy has captured through his vocal performance. I am loving this gorgeous song and I think you guys will love it too. Have a listen to Wasting Time below!


Speaking about the song, Billy Lockett said,

I wanna just say this is the sound I’ve been looking for my whole life. I wrote this new song fully from the heart when I was in a very bad place and it’s probably the most personal lyrics I’ve ever written. It’s also the first release I’ve ever fully produced myself. It was recorded totally honestly and totally in the moment – the beauty of recorded music is you can capture those moments sometimes. Once I had recorded it, I felt way better, the song changed my mindset straight away.