Beauty Shares New Single ‘Vulnerable’

London based singer and songwriter Beauty has just released his brand new single Vulnerable, a catchy piece of dark electro-pop music.

I am really enjoying the flow of his vocals and how they soar beautifully over his own blend of classical groove and rhythm of R&B with the shiny theatrics and appeal of Pop music. I am particularly fond of the unrelenting synths throughout the song and how the chorus is perfect to sing along to. Vulnerable is a song that touches on themes such as isolation and loneliness which contrast with the upbeat electro-pop production. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Beauty said,

This song is about the realisation that I am not invincible. We all need human connection, and when we’re longing for someone’s affection but we’re not sure if the feeling is mutual, it can really wound us and leave us feeling exposed.