Bad Love Share New Single ‘Cashmere Tears’

Stoke/Manchester alt-pop 4-piece band Bad Love have just shared their brand single Cashmere Tears, a cool sadboy pop band song about wanting more from life. Written, self-produced and mixed during lockdown, Cashmere Tears is Bad Love's first release through internationally acclaimed label AWAL.

Cashmere Tears continues to showcase their awesome talent and sonority that flawlessly combines contemporary synth-pop sounds with heartfelt and anthemic pop hooks. This is a story of watching someone who used to dream big, convicted to the repetition of ‘sad-suburbia’ by a toxic relationship that somehow always pulls her back in. 

Creature comforts become safety blankets and slowly, their creativity is suffocated and they stagnate. You watch them lose the spark of who they used to be whilst they nostalgically daydream of a better life.  Cashmere Tears turns an eye to the flaws in society; at the antiquated idea that women are homemakers and peacekeepers for A-typical masculinity; sticking around to mother men who ‘need them’.

I am particularly fond of those lush, bright synths that give the song a cool retro touch and create quite a captivating, cinematic atmosphere. I am also loving the smooth, passionate vocal delivery and how it soars beautifully over the upbeat production packed with groovy guitar riffs, punchy percussion and those lush synths.