AL Riordan Shares New Single ‘Burning Star’

Australian born and recent Berklee Grad electronic singer-songwriter and producer AL Riordan has just shared her brand new single Burning Star, taken from her upcoming EP, No.

Burning Star tells the story of AL’s previous relationships which inevitably led her to meet the person who raped her. This powerful, heartfelt song is wrapped around a warm and dreamy electronic production reminiscent of acts like Imogen Heap and Kacey Musgraves. I am loving her heartbreakingly beautiful voice and how it is packed with so much raw emotion, instantly connection the listener with her powerful storytelling.

Burning Star was written before AL’s violent assault with the intent of describing a past love that left her emotionally scarred. She includes three main characters in the track, her first love which is represented by the “burning star,” the second man she loved as the “moon” and her attacker as the “black hole”. Throughout the song she describes how the "burning star" left her scarred, the "moon" left her behind, and how the "black hole" swallowed her whole, leaving her feeling incomplete. Check out this powerful song below!

Speaking about the song, AL Riordan said, 

After being raped, I felt like I had been swallowed by a black hole. Everything I knew had been taken away and spat out the instant it happened, and I had to somehow begin again with all the little shards and pieces.