A Choir of Ghosts Shares New Single ‘Skin & Bones’

A Choir of Ghosts, the moniker of Swedish alt-folk musician James Auger, has just shared his brand new single Skin & Bones, out now via Greywood Records.

I am particularly fond of his emotive vocal delivery and how it is beautifully backed by intricate acoustic guitar melodies which create the perfect intimate and warm atmosphere for his storytelling to soar. Skin & Bones is a song about wanting to fix things for the people you love but some times we can't do anything but be there for them and hope for the best. It's a relatable song with tons of emotion and infectious melodies that makes it perfect for a chill day at home. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, A Choir Of Ghosts said, 

The song is about the realization that you can’t always “fix it” for the people you love. Sometimes they have to solve it themselves, and you can’t do anything but watch and hope for the best. In order for things to grow to it’s full potential, you sometimes have to let go.

 It’s a hard realization but I think a lot of people can identify with the feeling of sudden emptiness, when you come to something in your way that you cannot share, but rather have to go about alone. Your only hope lays in that once the obstacle has been passed, you can rendez vous on the other side.