5WEST Share New Single ‘Last Time’

US 4-piece group 5WEST, consisting of members Caleb Duke, Owen Pastore, Jon Paul Nesheiwat and Peet Montzingo, have just shared their brand new single Last Time, an upbeat R&B-tinged Pop song produced by Bryan Todd (Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus).

I am really enjoying their harmonies and how the song is packed with so much energy, instantly getting me hooked to it. Last Time is an upbeat song about finding the one and being happy and is wrapped around a highly infectious electro-pop production with lush synths, cool guitars and catchy beat. There's somewhat of a tropical vibe to the song that makes me think of those carefree summer days by the beach. Have a listen to this pop gem below!


Speaking about the song, Owen Pastore said,

I think it could be our biggest song yet. The lyrics are really cool, because usually when you hear “Last Time” it has a negative connotation and a feeling of regret but in this case, it’s about finding the one and being happy, just knowing you won’t ever need anyone else. It’s got such an interesting track too, it’s so dynamic, I love it.