The Satellite Station Drops New Single ‘Shelter’

Following last month's gorgeous singles Come Home and Need You Right Now, The Satellite Station, the project of American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Travis Rue, is back with yet another stunning offering titled Shelter, out now via alexrainbirdRecords. 

Shelter is written from the perspective of a young Jewish couple that are living through the early days of World War II. The verses are chaotic since it reflects how the characters are feeling and the confusion of the world around them. Then the chorus is a reminder of love and that no matter how challenging things get or how afraid they are, the couple is in it together. 

This lovely story is wrapped around a captivating indie-pop production on which The Satellite Station beautifully showcases his distinctive vocals which flawlessly convey the emotion of his lovely storytelling. I am really enjoying the piano chords and how they are beautifully intertwined with punchy drums, cool guitars, lovely strings and bright synths, creating such an epic and romantic atmosphere which I think you guys will enjoy. Check it out below!