Soraya Shares Debut Single ‘5150’

California-based singer and songwriter Soraya has just shared her debut single 5150, a heartfelt and personal song about struggling with depression and anxiety. 
On October 27, 2019, Soraya was hospitalized for suicidal ideations on a 5150. In CA, a 5150 is a government-mandated order to commit somebody to a hospital if s/he/they are in danger to themselves or others. Now, a year later the talented singer shares her debut single titled 5150 which details her feelings amidst the depression and anxiety, as well as the near-suicide attempt. 
This is a very personal song and is wrapped around a captivating electro-pop production with a laid-back atmosphere that allows for her lovely vocals to soar and instantly connect her storytelling with the listener. 5150 is Soraya's way to help those who have struggled with depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies, just like she did. It's a relatable song and shares a message that people with mental health issues are not alone. Have a listen to this beautiful song below!