Simona Vinternatt Unveils New Single ‘In Your Hands’

Swedish singer and songwriter Simona Vinternatt has just shared her brand new single In Your Hands, a captivating pop song about loving someone even when it's hard, and the scary feeling of putting your heart in someone else's hands.

In Your Hands follows her uplifting single Lean On Me and continues to showcase how a talented singer and songwriter Simona Vinternatt is. I am loving her smooth vocal delivery and how it infuses the song with a touch of vulnerability. Simona's gorgeous vocals are backed by a polished electronic production with subtle piano keys, memorable horns, captivating melodies and an overall laid-back atmosphere.

Simona Vinternatt beautifully captures those feelings of being vulnerable while in a relationship and wrap it around a chill electro-pop production with a highly infectious chorus that makes it perfect to sing along to and for those relaxing weekends out and about. Check it out below!