Patrik Jean Shares New Single ‘Come Through’

Swedish singer and songwriter Patrik Jean has just shared his brand new single Come Through, taken from his upcoming EP, Consequence, out on November 6th!

Come Through is an upbeat piece of electro-pop music with emotional yet uplifting lyrics wrapped in a heavy, bass-driven production. I am loving Patrik Jean's passionate vocal delivery which is packed with so much emotion, instantly capturing the listener's attention to his relatable storytelling. Co-written and produced by Herman Gardarfve, Come Through is inspired by Patrik Jean's process of coming out as gay wrapped around an upbeat, feel-good electro-pop production perfect for the weekend. Check out this infectious piece of music below!

Speaking about the song, Patrik Jean said, 

Come Through is inspired by my process of coming out as gay. Today I’m in a good place, and I was supposed to go through a few hardships to come through to the other side.