Nightshift Unveil New Single ‘Just a Phone’ ft. Marvenko

Nightshift, the electro-pop project of Pittsburgh-based brothers Steve and Dan Kennelly, have teamed up with fello artist Marvenko to deliver a cool new single titled Just a Phone.

Just a Phone is a catchy pop/rock song about phone addiction and how people spend more time building online relationships that real life ones, though the current times do encourage social distancing. The song also takes a shot on all those people that do all they can for more views on social media. I am really enjoying those smooth vocals and how they soar over the lovely guitar plucks and infectious melodies. 

To accompany the release, Nightshift have shared its official music video, directed and produced by Caleb Porto, which perfectly embodies the song's message. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Nightshift said,

Just a Phone explores phone addiction, and specific to the band, spending a ton of time on TikTok/social media to build fans at the detriment of "real life" relationships. We've been able to build a nice TikTok following over the last couple months, but when the live-streams are over, it's a lonely feeling just sitting there realizing all of that success has driven you to at the same time be alone. The song just also takes a shot at the culture of people whoring themselves out for views (including the band).