Monticolombi Shares New Single ‘Pavement’

Hotly tipped modern hip-hop / R&B artist Monticolombi, the alias of British young creative Jamie Hicks, has just shared his sophomore single Pavement, a luscious and stunning R&B/soul track.

Produced by Steven Bamidele, Pavement features the vocals of rising pop artist Caswell which enhance the song's soulful atmosphere. I am really enjoying the flow of Monticolombi's rhymes and how his vocals fit beautifully with Caswell's, creating lush and memorable harmonies. Pavement is a feel-good song with a chill, laid-back atmosphere that oozes weekend vibes. Check it out below!

Speaking about the track, Monticolombi said,

Pavement is a product of lockdown. After being surrounded by overwhelming negativity in the outside world, all I wanted to do was create a little piece of happiness to help people to hurdle the issues of the day-to-day with ease. Produced by Steven Bamidele and featuring Caswell, this euphoric track is made to make you smile.