Maripo$a Shares ‘Call Me Back’ Music Video

LA-based singer and songwriter Maripo$a has just shared the official music video for her Fantom-produced alt-pop gem Call Me Back

I am really enjoying Maripo$a's sugary sweet vocals and how they soar over the bright and bouncing electronic production packed with lush synths and an overall feel-good atmosphere. Now to accompany the release, Maripo$a shared the self-directed music video, in collaboration with videographer Mike Williamson, which sees her escaping through a number of bright and glamorous guises that fit her own multifaceted direction. Check it out below! 


Speaking about the new single, Maripo$a said, 

Tell me you know something about love, tell me you know how to pick me back up.’ I wrote this song during quarantine and knew the world needed a positive vibe for the summer. I took myself out of the sadness and placed myself in the perspective of a perfect summer time. At first listening you’d assume i’m speaking about another person here but I’m really speaking about myself, and being able to take myself out of a bad time and create my own happiness. The song is about love, loving yourself and sharing that love with someone special. Remembering to live in the moment and just have fun, even when that seems impossible.