Mandy McMillan Shares New Single ‘Haven’t We All Been’

Canadian country-pop singer and songwriter Mandy McMillan has just shared her emotional new single, Haven’t We All Been.

Co-written by McMillan and Chris Roberts, Haven’t We All Been is a captivating blend of alt-country, pop and classic rock about learning and growing after dealing with trying times in one's life. This song shares a hopeful and relatable message that we've all had struggles in life and that we're not alone and we grow stronger every time we overcome obstacles in life. It's a song about self-love, that all these struggles make us who we are.

I am really enjoying Mandy's vocals and how they soar over the Country-tinged pop production packed with intricate guitar melodies and catchy percussion. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Mandy McMillan said,

The inspiration for this song came from my own path to self-love during a very trying time in my life. Creating ‘Haven’t We All Been’ was a healing exercise that helped to keep me grounded. It taught me to not be ashamed of any situation I have been in. Instead, I can transform the pain into a means of learning, growing, and – ultimately – living. I want people know that it is okay to be real and be open about their vulnerability. Every experience becomes a story, and these unique stories and struggles that make us who we are. The greatest gift that we can offer is to share our stories and find a connection – not through our common adversities, but from the helping others to find light through the darkness. With this song, I want to share understanding and compassion for others on a hopeful path to better days.