Maddi Jane Shares New Single ‘Butterfly Effect’

Los Angeles-based pop singer and songwriter Maddi Jane has just shared her brand new single Butterfly Effect, a captivating and empowering pop ballad.

I am really enjoying Maddi Jane's passionate vocal delivery and how it soars effortlessly over the rich and poignant soundscape packed with dazzling synths, irresistible pop beats and powerful production. Butterfly Effect is a song meant to encourage and inspire the listener, lifting one's spirit and imbibing them with strength. This is such a gorgeous piece of electro-pop music with a dreamy and feel-good atmosphere perfect for the weekend. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Maddi Jane said,

I usually write songs to process something about my current situation or to communicate how I feel, but this song is different. It’s an experience, and a declaration. It’s the effect of artists helping each other, wanting nothing in return other than to make something we believe in. This song is a product of other people pouring into me.