Laura Tsaggaris Shares New Single ‘Lead Me’

American singer and songwriter Laura Tsaggaris has just shared her brand new single Lead Me, a powerful plea for unity in the face of the civil, racial and environmental unrest in the USA.

I am loving Laura's passionate vocal delivery, pouring so much raw emotion over a beautifully produced instrumental with emotive piano chords, punchy percussion and lush strings courtesy from a National Symphony Orchestra quartet. Lead Me tackles social responsibility issues and sees Laura Tsaggaris beautifully showcasing both her powerful vocals and songwriting abilities. I am really enjoying how powerful this song and I think you guys will love it too. Check it out below!


Laura sometimes says she doesn’t ‘write’ songs. She likes to think they have a way of finding her. Lead Me found Laura on a nonstop, overnight drive from DC to Florida at the height of the first wave of COVID-19 and George Floyd protests. With a sleeping family in the car, she recited a poem, sang a melody, and nodded to a beat only she could hear for a full 4 hours. She’d drawn the dreaded midnight to 4am shift. Speaking about it, Laura said,

I was so glad to have a song that I was working on, because the drive was brutal. It's amazing how awake and alive I was at that moment. This music in my head and the thought that it could connect with people kept me going.