KiD RAiN Shares New Single ‘Live for the Weekend’

KiD RAiN, the project of exciting UK based singer, songwriter and producer Dan Reynard, is back with a pop banger titled Live for the Weekend.
Written, produced and performed by KiD RAiN, Life for the Weekend is a song about being tired of just partying every weekend and wanting to be more than that in life. Partying does take a tool on a person and there's a time in life that we want more than that! This cool message is wrapped around a captivating electro-pop production packed with tons of rhythm, infectious melodies and tons of swagger that beautifully back his gorgeous vocals. Check it out below!
Speaking about the song, KiD RAin said,
I wrote this song after going out every night for what seemed like months, I looked in the mirror and thought, firstly dan you look like sh*t, and secondly what are you actually doing with your life? Update - I still look like sh*t, but at least I wrote this banger to talk about it.