Keeya Shares New Single ‘Paradise’

Bahamian singer, songwriter and visual artist Keeya has just shared her brand new single Paradise, the title track of her debut EP, out now.

I am really enjoying Keeya's soulful vocals and how they soar beautifully over the smooth r&b production. I am also very fond of the way Keeya mixes Caribbean influences with progressive sounds making her sound quite distinctive and memorable. Paradise celebrates how the barriers are beginning to be torn down for women in music and is wrapped around a smooth and sensual piece of tropical-infused r&b music with a laid-back atmosphere perfect for the weekend.

Speaking about the song, Keeya said,

Right now in music, I see women having fun again, and that makes me so happy. Women should have the space to be upfront about the things they like and the things they desire. As soon as we finished the demo it felt like a party. Everyone was dancing and vibing.