Kaitlyn Velez Shares New Single ‘FOMO’

New York based singer and songwriter Kaitlyn Velez has just shared her brand new single FOMO, a catchy pop song for those who find it difficult to live in the present, worrying that a decision they make now will negatively impact the future they’ve envisioned. 

This is quite a relatable song as many people struggle with anxiety, myself included and FOMO (fear of missing out) is really something that cripples one's life as those inner struggles, insecurities and worries don't allow us to fully live in the present. This meaningful message is wrapped around an upbeat pop production with cool guitar riffs and catchy melodies that flawlessly back her gorgeous vocals and allow for her storytelling to soar. Check it out below! 


Speaking about the song, Kaitlyn said,

When we think of FOMO we think of missing out on something, especially this year where I felt I was missing out on something and someone. One bad relationship after the other, I finally got it right. Due to past experiences, I was psyching myself out and thinking that maybe this wasn’t what I needed and talked myself in circles around what I was feeling. My insecurities and self doubt almost got the best of me, but in the end I got everything I wanted!