Kai Straw Shares New Single ‘Are You Coming With Me?’

San Francisco-based singer and songwriter Kai Straw has just shared his brand new single Are You Coming With Me?, a cool piece of soulful, r&b-tinged indie-pop music about sexy times.

I am really enjoying Kai Sraw's vocal delivery which oozes with sensuality from start to finish. I am loving the seductive guitar riff throughout the song and how it beautifully backs Straw's crooning vocals. Are You Coming With Me? is a great song for bedroom sessions and comes just in time for a relaxing weekend. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Kai Straw said,

Are You Coming With Me? is the auditory equivalent of sex. It's the sensation of slowly peeling off your clothes to feel someone else's skin against yours. It's fluttering eyes during an orgasm. It's the bedroom floor strewn with discarded panties, briefs, jeans and the vibration of an unanswered cell phone.