FJ Law Shares New Single ‘friends’

J Law, the solo project of British singer, songwriter and producer Danny Hall, has just released his brand new single friends, a cool pop song about the anger and betrayal following a heavy break up.

I am really enjoying FJ Law's smooth, expressive vocals and how they beautifully convey the emotion of his relatable storytelling. I am also very fond of the earnest lyrics and how FJ Law's captures those feelings of betrayal and anger over a captivating blend of his singer/songwriter roots with electronic bedroom flourishes and an almost trip hop beat. The song has a cool sombre and F**k You atmosphere with a powerful chorus that effortlessly conveys the explosion of emotions FJ Law was feeling, making friends a perfect breakup anthem. Check it out below!

Speaking about the single, FJ Law says:

I was in the beginning of a pretty heavy break up. We knew it had finished but it was hard to sink in. The song is about anger, betrayal and the explosive emotional expression of ‘F*CK YOU’ to both your “friend” and your ex who you feel betrayed you. The release of the chorus in the song mirrors the release of emotion I was feeling after I saw my ex and a friend leave a bar together – “Are you going for afters? I know you’re going for afters.” I tried to mask my upset and dismiss my anger by putting on a brave, sarcastic face, and followed an adrenaline fuelled pursuit to get absolutely wasted alone. Hoping drink by drink it would soften the blow. It did…but the elephant never left the room.