Eleonor Léone Shares New Single ‘Karma’

Swedish singer and songwriter Eleonor Léone has just shared her brand new single Karma, a cool electro-pop song about anxiety, sleepless nights and how thoughts can create a prison in your own mind.

Eleonor suffers from insomnia and often uses those sleepless nights to write her music, and Karma is the result of one of those sleepless nights. I am really enjoying Eleonor's smooth, yet powerful vocals and how they soar over the infectious electro-pop production.

Karma is a very relatable song about struggling with anxiety and how hard it is to sleep because you can't stop thinking and how one's inner demons judge us all the time and keep us away from being who we really want to be. This message is wrapped around a polished electronic production with gorgeous guitar riffs throughout, a driving beat and an infectious pop chorus that is perfect to sing along to. Check it out below!