Dillistone Shares New Single ‘Immortal’ feat. LILI N

Time to dance! Dillistone, the stage name of Danish-born producer and songwriter Morten Aamodt, has teamed up with Italian singer and songwriter LILI N to deliver a hypnotic piece of dance music titled Immortal, out now via Mag Musik and Believe.

Immortal is Dillistone and LILI N's 4th collaboration and is an absolute gem of electronic music. I am loving how LILI N's vocals flow effortlessly over Dillistone's captivating and hypnotic production, instantly capturing the listener's attention to their storytelling of being in a toxic relationship. I am loving that catchy beat and how the song's production creates quite a hypnotic, laid-back atmosphere that makes me want to close my eyes and surrender to its infectious beat. This is one of those songs perfect to play when I want to relax after a stressful day and I think you guys will love it too. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Dillistone said,

I love this song. It is a deeply sad story about being with someone who is sociopathic and how they are a liability when you are around them. We wrote it in an old bungalow in LA where the song was originally much slower, but now its a driving power track that is more defiant than it is defeated. LILI N is without doubt one of the best song writers in the world, so get the lyrics pulled up and cry-dance with us.