danny G Shares New Single ‘lose my cell phone’

Nashville flow-pop singer and songwriter danny G has just shared his hard-hitting new single, lose my cell phone.

lose my cell phone sees danny G embracing his vulnerability by being mindful of the ways that modern technology and the demands of our current world take a toll on mental health. I know so many people that can't do anything without constantly being on social media and I really like the way danny G shares a message to prioritize authenticity in a society that often hides behind Instagram filters and impulsive Facebook statuses. This relatable message is wrapped around an uplifting pop/hip-hop production that allows for his vocal delivery and storytelling to soar effortlessly.

lose my cell phone is danny G's way to motivate listeners to put down their phones and pay attention to what’s in front of them. I am really enjoying the catchy beat, lovely guitar plucks and piano keys and how the hook embodies a choir-like atmosphere that is beautifully paired with melodic harmonies. Check it out below!