Bailey Coats Shares New Single ‘Stranger Things’

American singer and songwriter Bailey Coats has just shared her brand new single Stranger Things, an infectious pop song about having a renewed perception of one's future.

I am really enjoying Bailey's powerful, sultry vocals and how they instantly draw the listener's attention to her lovely storytelling. I am particularly fond of the groovy guitar riffs throughout the song and how infectious the chorus is, which makes Stranger Things perfect to sing along to. Have a listen to this upbeat pop gem below!

Speaking about the song, Bailey Coats said,
"Stranger things" is about having a renewed perception of your future. We all experience seasons of life where we feel like we are simply going through the motions and 2020 has been that season for so many of us. We are alive, but we aren't truly living. But, despite every hardship, there is always hope for the future, new beginnings, and new seasons.