Zoe Scott Shares New Single ‘Quiet Nights’

International recording artist Zoe Scott has just shared her brand new single Quiet Nights, the latest single to be taken from her upcoming album, Shades of Love, set to arrive on October 2nd. 

This 12-track project marks Zoe Scott's Bossa Nova debut and was produced by Moogie Canazio, known for his all-analog recording style, which earned him 10 GRAMMY and two Emmy Awards. This meticulously curated collection of reimagined songs made famous by legendary artists and set to Bossa Nova arrangements sets a tone for romance and love. 

One of the standout tracks is Zoe's reimagining of Antonio Carlos Jobim's Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars (Corcovado) and I am really enjoying this version. Zoe's smooth and sensual vocals instantly command the listener's attention and they soar beautifully over the laid-back and sensula Bossa Nova production. If you're into chill pieces of Bossa Nova that ooze sensuality and an overall feel-good atmosphere, then you'll love Quiet Nights. Check it out below! 


After years spent honing a hard-edged rock voice, Zoe knew mastering Bossa Nova’s understated sensuality was a journey she couldn’t make on her own. She reached out to Moogie Canazio, who ultimately helped Zoe feel her way into the silky, hushed vocal qualities she shares on this album. She recalls, 

Moogie coached me on how to get to that place, and it felt quite vulnerable. As a rock singer, it was more about putting on a show. Bossa Nova is more a process of undressing.

With Moogie by her side, Zoe learned to “get behind the lyric and express from her heart.” Like Bossa Nova itself — born from a marriage of Jazz and Samba, and sometimes called “Brazilian Jazz” — Shades of Love represents a cross-cultural creative melding that connects artist and producer, LA and Rio, past and present, emotion and craft.