KENZI Shares New Single ‘Hanging Limb’
Oregon-based singer, songwriter and producer Kenzi has just shared his brand new single Hanging Limb, a captivating piece of alt-pop music about struggling with depression and not allowing it to destroy us.

Hanging Limb was self-produced, mixed and mastered by Kenzi and it beautifully combines organic and electronic elements with haunting vocal harmonies. I am really enjoying the tone of Kenzi's voice and how they effortlessly convey the emotion of his storytelling. There are some Hozier vibes in the song that really keeps me coming back to it several times. I am also really enjoying the punchy, heartbeat-like rhythms and the song's overall haunting atmosphere.

To accompany the song, Kenzi has shared a captivating music video which was shot, directed and edited by Andrew Shepherd. It may be a simple video but it beautifully embodies the song's powerful message with a striking cinematic touch. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Kenzi said,
Honestly, the song started with me trying to make a song solely by using my voice. I’m not the greatest producer, but people always mention my voice - so, could I build only from that? Kanye & Timbaland talk about the voice being the most powerful instrument & I agree. I was following their advice. Naturally, my imagination took me to chain-gang songs and choral hymns - music that pierces the soul & causes the listener to fall into the story and emotion. After the harmonies I need a story. At the time I was miserably depressed & needed to convert that into art and not let it destroy me. I heard a bible verse my grandmother made me repeat constantly as a child. I’m not religious, but the verse brought powerful imagery of Death stalking me through a valley as if it would always be my shadow. But I wanted this character to fiercely challenge Death, to confidently mock Death to its face — you may come for me, but you’ll shutter at the sound of my voice before you take me. It was my way of combating, but also my way of inspiring others to fight for themselves, no matter what they’re going through.
Speaking about the video, Kenzi added,
Andrew Shepherd (@lostfoxcreative) has been one of my closest friends for many years & we’ve adventured all around the country together. When we combine our art it allows me to step back & appreciate the music I’ve made in a refreshing, new way after all the hours I spend producing alone. We passed around a lot of ideas, but we landed on the character and world you see in the video. There is a story occuring, but it leaves room for the viewer’s curiosity and intrigue to explore - conveniently simple to create, but maintains powerful story. We created something we’re proud of & poured our genuine creative minds into - that’s what we do, at our best. Hopefully it draws people in, but more importantly hopefully our story inspires other artists and creators to collaborate & uplift each other to the top. I promise they’ll feel the resonating power in that & it will propel them to create more.