Harrison Storm Unveils New Single ‘Sea and Fire’
Australian singer and songwriter Harrison Storm has just shared his brand new single Sea and Fire, the latest single to be taken from his upcoming 5-track EP, Be Slow, set to arrive on December 4th!

I am loving Harrison Storm's distinctive, expressive vocal delivery and how it is packed with so much soul, beautifully conveying the emotion of his storytelling. This is quite a relatable song that talks about wanting to wake up from reality or a specific circumstance that feels like a dream, but sadly it is real. I have those moments quite often and I feel like Harrison beautifully captures those emotions which are wrapped around a warm and intimate production packed with lush guitar melodies and a powerful, memorable chorus. I love his vocals and haunting harmonies and if you're into beautifully written pieces of indie-folk music then you'll love Sea and Fire. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Harrison said,
When I listen to the song I’m vividly transported back to the time and space I was in where it was created - a cluttered room with a desk, surrounded by boxes containing things not used, in a time in my life where it felt like two very opposing forces were battling inside me. This is a song about wanting to wake up from a circumstance that feels like a dream. One of those moments you find yourself in that just doesn't seem real.
Be Slow is a 5-song offering of encouragement and clarity in love-loss told through tender, introspective lyricism paired with expansive, inspiring, and beautifully composed soundscapes.