Anthony da Costa Shares New Single ‘In The New World’ ft. Katie Pruitt

Nashville-based singer and songwriter Anthony da Costa has just shared his brand new single In The World, a lovely Folk-tinged indie-pop song featuring fellow singer/songwriter Katie Pruitt. 
This is the third single to be taken from his yet-to-be-named upcoming album and is quite a beauty. I am really enjoying his smooth vocals and how his vocals fit beautifully with Katie's and create such irresistable, ethereal-like harmonies. I am also very fond of the intricate guitar melodies and how they give the song a warm and intimate atmosphere for his lovely storytelling to soar. Have a listen to this beautiful song below! 
Speaking about the song, Anthony said,
I wrote “In The New World” as both a thing to look forward to, and a funny way to look back on all that’s happened during our time in quarantine. I was feeling lost, like a lot of us, not quite sure what to do with the limitations and fears of our time. I was looking around me, and for a moment, in a positive spin…it seemed as though everyone had kinda gotten back to the land, so to speak. Everyone I know had started a garden, learned how to bake delicious bread, was selling bespoke bicycle seats out of their garage…whatever it was, people were simplifying and taking time for hobbies and activities they never would have focused on otherwise. Of course, on the flip side of all of this is a very deep darkness and disturbing unknown, and that unsettling feeling is well documented, especially in the second verse, which was written by my friend Katie Pruitt. I really wanted her to be part of this song, and when she sent me the lines “I got bored, I went for a drive / pressed the gas down just to feel alive,” I knew the song was finally done. “In The New World” is my “bop” for the future. Feel good hit of the next summer. Let’s groove and figure out what it is we want to be, because I have a feeling the old “us” is more or less gone now.