The Hollow Men Shares New Single ‘Silence’
The Hollow Men, the project of Swedish singer and songwriter Dennis Sjöström, has just shared his brand new single Silence, out now via alexrainbirdRecords.

After dealing with depression for the past few years, Dennis wrote the song about feeling lost and the loneliness of not fitting in, while also growing older and searching for a meaning in life. Dennis has quite the talent to tell a story, drawing in from real-life experiences and delivering a very relatable song. I can absolutely relate with this song as I too feel quite lost and I find myself growing older and still trying to find meaning in life. This message is wrapped around a warm and intimate production packed with intricate acoustic guitar melodies which are beautifully intertwined with emotive piano chords on which his gorgeous vocals are laid upon. Silence is the first time that Dennis has single-handedly written, played and produced all instruments. Have a listen to this gem below!