Oscar Merry is a name you will be hearing a lot more of in the coming months. He has just dropped his latest EP, 'Unfurl' and one of the stand out tracks for me is 'Cower'.

Credit: Molly Clarissa

It is captivating with a delivery which stops us in our tracks. It starts with a substantial guitar lead and a vocal which is delightful with Oscar oozing in confidence. Cleverly, 'Cower' does not follow an orthodox structure and he takes hints from a variety of sources with many genres popping out as it progresses. I relish this approach because it is energizing, and it gives us something just that little bit different. 

Towards, the latter, it gets even more profound, and Oscar hits home with a message which leaves no room for ambiguity. You can check out 'Cower' by Oscar Merry below.