Max Fry Shares New Single ‘Take It Slow’ ft. Lhasa Petik
Florida-based singer, songwriter and producer Max Fry has just shared his brand new single Take It Slow, featuring the lovely vocals of Canadian singer, songwriter/bedroom producer Lhasa Petik.

I am really enjoying the song's warm and intimate atmosphere with Lhasa's dulcet tones soaring beautifully over the polished production. Max delivers quite an interesting mix by mixing ukulele chords with heavy 808s that instantly made the song a memorable listening experience. Those lush ukulele chords and Lhasa's vocals are a match made in heaven and the whole laid-back vibe of the song instantly got me in a good mood and with an urge to go to the beach. If you're into soothing pieces of pop music with sun-soaked guitar & ukulele chords, dulcet vocals and an overall laid-back atmosphere, then you'll love Take It Slow. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Max Fry said,
"Take It Slow" may seem like a plea to a lover upon first listen. However, it is actually a dialogue between Lhasa’s current and former self, following a whirlwind year of loving and letting go. It describes her thought process while letting go of a relationship that she struggled to move on from; “you were looking for a way out, I made you take the long route.”

“Oh I hope that you take it slow, so that if you crash, you’ll still come back home to me” is a plea to herself to ensure that she won't let herself get to that broken place again; so that she always has enough energy to get home.