Julia Viktoria Shares New Single ‘Can’t Stop’
19-year- old Swedish singer and songwriter Julia Viktoria is back with another lovely pop song titled Can't Stop.

Can't Stop is a relatable song about changing as a person while in a relationship in order to please one's partner and the imminent end of such a relationship. This relatable storytelling is wrapped around an upbeat electro-pop production with a driving beat and bright synths that allow Viktoria's vocals to soar effortlessly and convey the painful helplessness you can feel when you ask yourself if you are about to become abandoned - a touching recognition that many of us can relate to. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Julia Viktoria said,
Can't Stop is the song I wrote when I realized that I had changed as a person due to my relationship. I suddenly realized that I was doing everything to please and changed myself so much that I pushed my limits. My gut feeling told me I was about to be abandoned but I refused to give up. Deep inside I knew that the best I could do was to leave, but it was so hard because I cared about this person.