Estella Dawn Shares New Single ‘Filler 2.0’
Following last month's Spooky, New Zealand born, Colorado-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Estella Dawn is back with a brand new single titled Filler 2.0, a smooth song about investing in someone that isn't healed enough to be invested in you.

I am really enjoying Estella Dawn's warm, smooth vocals and how a talented storyteller she is, instantly drawing the listener's attention to her relatable story of being in a relationship on which one is still hung up on the ex. This happens a lot to people that get out of a relationship and quickly jump into a new one without healing and truly get to know themselves. I am a fan of her vocals and how they easily convey the emotion of her lyrics and how they soar over the smooth indie-pop production packed with lush guitar riffs and lovely harmonies. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Estella Dawn said,
It is frustrating and tiring being in a relationship with someone when they are constantly comparing you to their ex. No matter how hard you try to get them to appreciate you, they can’t seem to let their past go !! When you get out of a relationship it can often leave you feeling quite empty and emotionally drained. Sometimes you’ve got baggage that you should really unpack. Often though it’s easier to jump quickly into a new relationship with someone else just to fill the void, to push all of your internal struggles to the side. But it’s hard to be there for someone if you’re burnt out.