Emma McGrath Shares New Single ‘Say Something’
British singer and songwriter Emma McGrath has just shared her brand new single titled Say Something, out now via Young Poet Records.

Say Something is a glorious, heartfelt song about the frustration in not being able to say what's on your mind, and not being able to tell someone how you're feeling. This honest songwriting is quite relatable and it sounds like Emma wrote it for us, like she dug deep into our hearts and souls, perfectly capturing the emotions we have when dealing with such frustration.

Emma's powerful, emotive vocal delivery soars effortlessly over the polished production packed with stunning piano melodies that instantly create a warm and emotional backdrop for her honest, heartfelt storytelling. I am also really enjoying how the song builds to an uplifting chorus layered with affirmative choral harmonies, feeling like someone is giving us a warm hug. Have a listen to this gem below!

Speaking about the song, Emma McGrath said,
Say Something is about the frustration in not being able to say what’s on your mind. Not being able to tell someone how you’re feeling or what you want. But maybe there is no point saying how you feel. I find that often the people that understand are the people who already know. Maybe the person you’re chasing will never see or understand you. No matter how many times you dream about it.

I wrote the chorus with my friend Abi who has an amazing gospel sounding voice and she created such a perfect foundation of harmonies that I think really brought the song to life.