Chi Thanh Shares New Single ‘What’s A Man To Do’ ft. Ben McCrary
German DJ and Producer Chi Thanh has just shared his brand new single What's A Man To Do, featuring the lovely vocals of Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Ben McCrary.

I am loving ​Ben McCrary's soulful, emotive vocal delivery and how it soars beautifully over Chi Thanh's electronic production. What's A Man To Do is a song about​ ​hardship, loss, pain and desperation but with a comforting and hopeful side to all those that are having such struggles.

This powerful and relatable message is wrapped around such a captivating production packed with gorgeous acoustic guitars​ until the ​deep house​ groove sets in and some percussion loops start to shimmer around. Even though the lyrics tackle serious issues, the whole production and atmosphere make this song a gorgeous piece of Blues-infused Deep House music with an overall laid-back, summer vibe perfect for the weekend. Check it out below!