BAIRD Shares Debut Single ‘Sunken Place’
Multicultural newcomer BAIRD has just shared his official debut single Sunken Place, an infectious piece of indie/electro-pop music about taking time to get to know and love yourself before loving someone else.

BAIRD mixes dark catchy provocative lyricism with atmospheric pop creating uplifting but vulnerable melodies, inspired by artists such as Lennon Stella, The 1975, Years and Years, Lany and Troye Sivan.

I am loving his distinctive, sultry vocals and how they soar beautifully over the infectious atmospheric pop production packed with awesome guitar riffs and lush synths that give the song a retro touch. I am also very fond of how the chorus is perfect to sing along to and the song's overall laid-back and feel-good atmosphere.

Sunken Place is a metaphor inspired by the horror film ‘Get Out’. The video, directed by Christian Baird, Tibet Boyer and Alonzo Anaz, reflects the confusing train of thought wanting space but still wanting to be surrounded by people. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, BAIRD said,
’The song is about how at the moment society is in a sunken place and we are all trying to escape the feeling of being isolated and separated from others and that relates to the feeling of taking time and loving yourself before loving someone else’.
Growing up between Canada, Berlin and London with an Irish background, BAIRD does not identify with a specific culture or nationality,
’I wanna be the voice of the third culture kids trying to find their mark in the world’.