ZA Shares New Single ‘Wall Around My Heart’
Following last month's Just Like The Night, ZA, the brainchild of Grammy award-winning Nashville-based engineer and producer, Zach Allen, is back with his second single titled Wall Around My Heart, an indie-folk gem about going through a traumatic breakup.
I am really enjoying how relatable this song is and how the listener can instantly connect with ZA's lush storytelling. When we get hurt we tend to build a wall around our hearts as a way to protect ourselves from future heartbreak. I like how the upbeat and uplifting melodies contrast with the somewhat sad lyrics, making the song stand out even more from the rest. I love ZA's smooth vocals and how passionate his vocal delivery is, instantly conveying the emotion of his songwriting. If you're into beautifully-written pieces of indie-folk music with lush vocals and gorgeous melodies, then you'll love Wall Around My Heart. Check it out below!

This song is semi-autobiographical as ZA (pronounced as individual letters) went through an extreme period of writer's block after such an event occurred. When having a casual conversation with one of his mentors, legendary songwriter Beth Neilson Chapman about this relationship split, ZA described it to her as he literally built a wall around his heart and nothing creative was coming to the surface. She then replied by saying "Now you need to write that song." This is the result.