Tommy Boi Shares New Single ‘Blessing In Disguise’
American pop singer and songwriter Tommy Boi has just released his brand new single Blessing In Disguise, a heartfelt song in support of the LGBTQIA community. I am a sucker for piano-based ballads with lush strings and this one is right up my alley.

I am loving how Tommy Boi delivers sweeping vocals, drenched with emotion, on this powerful and hopeful pop ballad about living freely and openly as your true self. I adore his dynamic vocal range and how he easily conveys the emotion of his heartfelt lyrics, on which he reflects on growing up feeling trapped and the struggle of coming out as gay in his community. Blessing In Disguise is a relatable anthem for the LGBTQIA community and shares a message that we're not alone in our journey and we shouldn't let external expectations and pressure control our lives. Have a listen to this gem below!

Speaking about the song, Tommy Boi said,
This song is about facing your true inner self and praying to god that person can see the light of day. Praying that the person inside banging to be free actually makes it out. As the child of two pastors, I grew up in a very Christian household. I was doing all the right things in their eyes and was kind of a golden boy. But there came the point where I fell in love with a boy, and after that, I went through a couple of really tough years battling coming out publicly and being rejected by a lot of the community I was raised in.