PHI NIX Shares New Single ‘Wicked World’
Dutch singer and songwriter PHI NIX has just unveiled her brand new single Wicked World, a gorgeous piece of electronic music that gives us hope in a time of need.

I am loving her ethereal-like vocal delivery that instantly drew my attention to the lyrics and I also felt that those lush vocals gave the song somewhat of a dreamy vibe. I am loving those dramatic piano chords which beautifully enhance the emotion of PHI NIX's vocal delivery. Wicked World is such an enthralling listening experience with ethereal-like vocals, gorgeous piano chords and a hypnotic and dreamy atmosphere that I think you guys will enjoy. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, PHI NIX said,
We’ve been living in a crazy moment in time, where our planet is asking for change. Little changes within ourselves and our habits can have a huge impact on the whole world. Only we can make those changes in this wicked world we are living in right now, our hope is to unite and reshape our ways for the better of our home.