Lutzie Shares New Single ‘Engraved’
Lutzie, the moniker of Seattle-based 17-year-old singer-songwriter-pianist Lucia Opalka, has just shared her brand new single Engraved, an emotional pop song about a crush she had while growing up.

I am really Lutzie's vocals and how they easily convey the emotion of her lovely and relatable storytelling. This cool song, produced together with Andrew Vait, is wrapped around an infectious electro-pop production packed with lush synths, emotive piano chords and an infectious beat. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Lutzie said,
I wrote Engraved about a boy I was in love with while I was growing up. It was a crush that spanned about 5 years until he started going through a lot of changes, became a different person, and I had to push him out of my life. I wrote this song in 2018 about a year after that happened, when I realized, with frustration, that even though I was over him he wouldn’t ever be out of my thoughts. He was “engraved” in my mind.